This is it. This is where you can contact me➞ satireheadquarters[at]gmail[dot]com

What can you do with this email? Well whatever urges you to send - commissions, art collabs, even retro penpal lettering if that floats your boat. Ever seen me in another space of the internet and came across this website? Send a “Heyyyy found ya!”. Have questions to things that a 5 year-old can answer? Email me a question. Need a person to shitpost to? Send your memes my way.

Like all good things in life, there’s someone that one person that will ruin it, so as an obvious disclaimer: Emails about f!cked up subject matter and requests for free art is going into my trash folder. If you’re special enough, even a block. Apart from this, 99% of the time I don’t notice that issue so I’ll welcome any literature masterwork that slips into my inbox.