The dude behind this website is some schmuck named Zackary, a Los Angeles-based trans artist creating lowbrow and kitsch art. Majority of art made here is digital, with a few paintings and 50/50 sketches being traditional. Digital creations were formally made with Photoshop and now on Rebelle 5.

Originally, “Satire HQ” (or “Satire Headquarters” was a pseudonym I used on Instagram to post meme or shitpost art from late 2010-2023. Due to failing increase in engagement, and the algorithm’s evolving difficulty to support content creator growth over the years, I took everything I had from my Instagram account and decided to start my first posts on this website using them.

Outside of art, I have other similar passions such as DIY projects, origami, stationary collecting, 3D printing, and another 1000 things that I can’t remember. Either I have a lot of “hobbies” because I have way too much time on my hands, or I’ve got the ‘tism and I just gravitate to whatever interests me in that moment to have a “special interest” as they call it. Speaking of, it’s actually true that I have autism and in real life this results in me acting “awkward” or “quiet” around people without me intending to. If a place isn’t overwhelming along with having a mellow crowd, these behaviors drop dramatically while socializing with others.

Fittingly, growing up I spent a lot of my youth on the internet during the early 2000s and found myself familiar with the creative form of social networking and self expression where this website pays homage. Sometimes the idea of having a retro penpal is more charming than connecting to someone through a modern social media platform, or opening an account on a niche enthusiast website with others who share a similar online ethnology. Some may call my behavior “counteractive” when there’s conventional methods to communicate, but something about examples like these have a special place in my heart, especially as rarer they become in occurrence.

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